Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Diary 5/19

I thought I was going to plant corn, but when I reached into the soil it was cold and damp and didn't feel like a corn seed would care for it at all. So, I will wait a bit longer and hope we get another opening of good weather soon to warm the soil temperatures up. It is a good rule of thumb to poke your finger in the dirt and feel the temperature before planting any of the summer vegetable seeds or plants. Most things such as melons, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers need a warm soil to germinate their seeds. If it is outright cold to the touch, it is better to wait than plant and have the seed struggle or worse. The adage around here is to plant the corn when the leaves on the oaks are the size of the squirrel's ear. They are every bit of that. Just going to be a little patient and see what lies ahead temperature wise. Big storm coming this afternoon. More rain...

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