Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Diary 6/7

The sun has been out for the whole day so far. That is some kind of record! Now as I look around, everything looks like it wants a drink. We just had 2 1/2 inches two days ago! Took on the weeds in the asparagus this morning with the Texas gals. The weeds were about three feet tall on the top edge of the bed. Got drip lines on the clean bed and they are receiving water now. Looks very good. There are walla walla onions sizing up and the garlic is beginning to swell. Garlic is one of those diurnal crops that you plant in fall as the light is lessening from Labor Day to mid-October, and harvest after the longest day of summer on into July. So, they almost need no watering when the weather is as it has been. Hope that when it is ready we have dry weather to finish it off and make hard, long keeping bulbs. I grow a soft-neck type that keeps for the whole year. Just finishing up last year's garlic now. I have grown the same variety for years and I call it Blushing Silver. Territorial Seeds has seed garlic that sounds about the same and they call it Western Rose.

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