Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Diary 9/20/12

Busy weekend coming up.  Just seven bags going out tomorrow.  I have my last WIC nutrition coupon customer tomorrow also.  Slowly winding down.  There is still quite a bit of vegetables in the greenhouse, just less all the time with cooler nights.  If the greens can catch up, I will have enough to keep CSA going strong.  If not, I will start dropping members as their seniority has placed them.  Some of my members have been in my "Upper Rogue Grab Bag Program" for 11 years.  That is 5 1/2 years of weekly produce, at six months each year! WOW!  I'm tired just thinking about it, ha-ha.  Making plum sauce from my favorite of the wild plums, the Pool Plum. It grew up right next to our above ground pool which is now the small water feature in our yard. Anyway, I have them cooked down, now to make jam.  I think I will do a batch of just plum and one of blackberry plum.  They will be pretty colors, I know that much.

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