Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Diary 9/11/12

Sorry for not blogging much over the last few days.  I got stuck working at this construction site and had a hard time finding time.  At least the supervisor was easy to work with...  Now back to reality and gophers, deer, and hot, dry weather. I am seeing a screeching halt in production.  I also saw a bed of greens that the wind blew the row cover off of and the deer ate.  One less week of greens to sell.  Funny how unbothered and safe the stapled down row covered beds are compared to any sight of anything green.  The cold nights have brought some more deer to the oasis, my garden.  I will try to fill bags for 5 more weeks, but who knows if I can even pull together enough for that with the damage the gophers have done to some of the tomato plants. The temperature is not changing which would help greens grow.  The things that are happiest are melons and corn.  For tomorrow's bags I have some nice white corn to put in and many will receive a muskmelon of some sort.

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