Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Then, I almost lost my camera...

After the wedding reception, we started for home.  I went into the cabin to retrieve my cooler from the bride's room.while my husband was making his way to the truck.  As the truck was locked, I left my camera on the hood until I got back and the truck was open.  When I did get back, I put the cooler in the back seat and jumped in, and we left.  About 12 miles down the road, I saw the red sky of a smokey sunset(from the wildfires) and thought I would take a picture. MY CAMERA!!! We went back to the wedding, as darkness was descending, to look where we had parked and started off from to no avail.  I left word with some friends that if a camera in a black case were found, it was mine.  A little sad, but facing the reality that I might have just lost my camera, we headed for home once more.  This time we drove slowly, and eyes peeled on my side of the road where the camera could have landed as it slid off.  After a long five miles, I was thinking of giving up when both my husband and I spotted a black something in the gravel at the side of the road.  I jumped out to find my camera case, and our wwoofer, Megan, who had come to the wedding with us, found my camera a little ways away. I love my old camera.

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