Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Diary 3/15/12

It is raining very hard and not so cold, but uninviting for even greenhouse work.  The dog is restless, and the cat is so bored he is playing with a rubber band.  I have taken on "the closet" and have thrown away my share of dusty old relics of my former life including a final Sociology paper from 1972!   I can't believe I saved it all that time, and I only received a B+ on it. Wouldn't you think if II was going to save something like that, it would have been an A? Ah well, I have vacuumed the dust webs which were so thick they formed thick curtains in the back corners.  Now to put the items I still want in the tubs and stack them neatly. 

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