Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Sunday, March 4, 2012


Purple sprouting broccoli
Writer's workshop was very informative.  It was given by Robert Duglioni, a crime and court mystery writer.  He was a lawyer and made a major life change to become a writer, not immediately at all.  He did not advise others to follow his lead, and to some degree, he lucked out.  The workshop was about the structure of a novel and how to a, write to keep the reader turning the pages, and b, avoid the mistakes that agents and editors look for and throw you aside for.  He was funny and an excellent teacher.  So glad I went. I have lots of work to do before my first manuscript will be ready for reading, phew!  Really nice day, sunny, warm and felt like plants were growing.  Cleaned the upper greenhouse and hauled some compost to start making soil mix and fill planter trays.  Only a couple weeks until I will start the first seeds. Purple sprouting broccoli is a great choice for over-wintered broccoli.  The plant will keep making sprouts for at least the next month.

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