Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Diary 4/3

I went ahead and planted some of those first tomatoes I started into the soil in the upper greenhouse. I planted SunGold cherries and Fourth of July's on the same fence I have peas on. The sun's angle is straight down, so I don't think the peas will shade them out. Then when the peas are done with the fence, the tomatoes will be climbing up from the other side. I hope. I stuck 8 SuperTasty plants in their own bed which was well fertilized last year. I added some compost and some sand to it for this year. It is the only tomato bed I am repeating tomatoes in that greenhouse this year. It has grown tomatoes too many times in a row and did a good job with beans and cucmbers last year, so will continue to rotate crops, a process of growing different families of plants so as to not deplete any one group of nutrients from the soil. There are heavy feeders such as tomatoes and corn, legumes such as beans and peas, and light feeders which includes root crops. Call me crazy, but the soil is temperate and the weather will stay at the middle of the road temperature wise for the next week. The baby plants didn't even know they switched places out of their little cells as they were so young and not rootbound where the roots are crowded out to the edges of the pot and the whole thing comes out compacted together. Sometimes plants don't fully recover. The salmon in the Rogue River have traveled past the Gold Rey Dam where they are seen by camera and counted. It is the earliest ever reported that they have been over the dam. So, I'm going with the salmon on this one. They know things I don't!

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