Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Diary 2/20

Firewood hauling!  This is a part of life here.  About every ten days a load comes over from the woodshed where wood has been stashed to dry and keep dry; the ticket for good clean burning.  The wood in the shed was brought from the woods in rounds, halves, or quarters depending on what was manageable.  Then split using a hydraulic splitter.  Then those peices are hauled to the woodshed, and then brought to a stack by the house as seen here.  After that, armloads at a time are brought indoors to a round rack to further dry, waiting to go into the wood stove.  The wood stove we have is up to "code" as it has a catalytic converter which reburns the gases or something.  It is nice to warm the bones by.  Electricity isn't always available if there are outages and gas is very expensive to have hauled here.  So, wood is an obvious heat source when you are managing a tree farm and forest.  Every peice of wood we put in the stove is handled at least six times!  Keeps us in good shape, lol. If you look closely you can see a16 month old in pink just inside the house being held by her Dad, the hat of the wood stacker behind the trailer,and the rear end of a dog in the foreground.

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