Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Diary 3/30

It is snowing off and on. Wet, cold and slightly miserable. In the upper greenhouse with the lowest ceiling of the three, it is probably about 62 degrees and then a little warmer when the sun shines between squalls and cooler when it is snowing again. On the whole, pretty nice in there. Worked on final shaping of two tomato beds in there and turned two more for the final shape soon. Those first toamtoes I started have had a rough time germinating, but the ones that popped up immediately have two sets of leaves, so I am sticking them in the soil when I see a break in the nasty weather. I have back-ups that came up a day or two later, and then that next group which is just sending up the first sprouts from the soil now. Greenhouses are awesome for lots of reasons, some theraputic, others financial. We'll talk some more as we go along. Ours came from OBC, Oregon Bag Company, a company with the best price on plastic pots and perlite and greenhouse kits in our area

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