Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Diary 9/4/13

So much fruit coming through the kitchen this time of year. I made this peach pie from peaches our friend gave us from her tree. I made an apple tart which I froze for later. Drying the last of the pears, making plum sauce and freezing it for jam later. Same with the raspberries which are building momentum and soon to be a six gallo picking adventure every few days. The strawberries are doing really well. I think they liked all the cool, smoky weather, and maybe even some of the ashfall that came. At any rate, they too, are heading for a peak at some point in a couple weeks. For now, a six pint picking. All this product used to go out the door in bags. Now it goes into jars, bags, or the freezer. Pretty cool!
Every morning, this family of black-tailed deer or another trio just like them, or all six at once(and Dufus, the spike-horned buck) pass through the yard. I think they feel safe here. There is plenty of grass and brush to eat, just leave the apples alone!

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