Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Diary 12/30/12

Only one more day for this year!  It was an OK year for me.  Not too much delirium or chaos.  It contained the usual milestones of births and deaths, and get togethers, politics, and the basic emotional involvement with life, but nothing so strenuous that I felt overwhelmed by what was dealt to me.  I am making changes and that is good with or without a new year.  I am heading into the "golden years" and I really what them to be as much that as possible.  I will miss who I have lost this year, and I wholly welcome the new comers. I hope for as meaningful assortment of events next year and nothing more traumatic, if possible.  Happy New Year to you all, my kind readers.  I wish us all a good fiscal year, whenever your fiscal starts and ends. For a gardener it is often Fall to Fall or maybe Spring to Spring. January 1st is a good quiet time for thinking about crops for the next season without having the ability to do much about it. Maybe look at a seed catalog or plan a design, but that is about it for a couple of months at least. 

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