Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Friday, December 21, 2012

Diary 12/21/12

Well, we made it!  I don't feel too much more enlightened than I did yesterday, but I'm glad the world is still going and so far no asteroid or polar shift.  I am not being snide by any means. It could have been that the Mayans figured it all out a long time ago, but I was hoping for a reprieve and here it is.  I have so much more I want to do first, lol. It has rained for the last 24 hours and turned our lovely 7 inches of snow into something to make snow cones out of. Wet snow cones.  Really yucky, and not much fun for anyone who would rather not get soaked. Not sure if the snow level will come back down before Christmas or if we are just going to have a wet Christmas rather than much white. Versus the Mayan alternative I take it!

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  1. Am really enjoying your winter posts Sara. It's so much fun to see the snow and see how your world changes with the seasons.


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