Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Monday, October 15, 2012

Diary 10/15/12

So here is a picture of a couple lucky elk hunters.  We feel lucky also to have such good meat for the winter.  The larger elk's meat will be ground into hamburger and sausage, but the smaller one will be cut and wrapped into many delicious steak and stew meals.  Yesterday, while the men were way up the hill hunting, the fellow wives and I went for a local hike.  We went a ways and then after a consult, we decided to go a bit further.  As we rounded a corner to get a better view of our property down below, we heard brush cracking and thundering hooves coming at us.  We were in the middle of an elk stampede!  Only ten feet in front of us, at least 5 moms and 5 yearlings and a couple other cows ran down the hill, crossed at skid road, and went up the other side.  A few seconds later and further down the hill, a bull elk followed.  We could just make out his horns as he snaked through the young replanted post-forest fire fir trees and willows.  The herd made it to the top of the hill and stopped as we could still hear branches cracking, though they were no longer visible.  One of my friends had complained about never seeing the elk in the wild, not just along a road while driving.  Well, we checked that box off!  So exciting!

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