Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Diary 10/10/12

The straw that broke the farmer's back, the deer.  So glad today is my final Wednesday.  I went out to harvest the beautiful cabbages I had for today and they were eaten down to nubs.  In just one night, I lost seven large cabbages.  It isn't just the pesky doe who has been here all summer, no, it is four moms and fawns, hungry and smart enough to dig the row cover off the vegetation hiding below.  I have been closing the greenhouse doors for weeks as they went inside there to eat some bok choy and lettuce I had.  Now I will fortify the ends as the weather continues to get cooler and I have only a little time left to produce tomatoes, cucumbers,. and melons, if I can, for two more deliveries. Even the raspberries are slowing down and I will finish picking the ripe ones tomorrow before it rains and they turn to mush. A few greens like turnips that self sowed, lettuce, arugula, napa cabbage and some strawberries and these carrots are what remains in production mode, but they too will slow when the clouds arrive this weekend.

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