Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Diary 8/30/13

I thought Mars was supposed to look impressively big this week. When I checked, it was bright and redder than any other object, but no bigger. Not sure what someone had been talking about or if there was a certain time like right at it is rising which made it look bigger. Huckleberry picking yesterday was not that great. Always nice to go up in the mountains, but the berries were small and had no taste what with the cloudy weather and rain over the weekend. I also think the smoky days might have affected the taste, as the berries we were picking were close to the Whiskey Complex. Think I'll stick to blackberries unless we find a better patch or the weather stays warm. As to that, I want to say here and now that I think we will have a early fall. I am not saying snow, just frost and rain. Maybe we will have a cold, dry December, but I think rain and frost will be here in only a couple weeks rather than the Indian summers we've had for several years. I will be the first to mention I am wrong when November 15th rolls around and I am still picking tomatoes!

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