Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Diary 3/13/13

Plum tree pruning

Yard make over

Beets are ready, better eat them before the gophers do!
Well, I haven't quite tackled the asparagus mess, yet., but accomplished a few of the rest of the list.  This time of year, with good weather, the list gains much more quickly than the cross offs.  I have been weeding beds in the greenhouse I was going to let rest, so I need to plant a cover crop soon so I don't spend all my time keeping the area weed free. Going to my friendly neighbor's house to be to watch and help her do a bit of tiling this morning in preparation for my own artistic endeavor in the shower.  Still on hold for last bit of wall to be built soon.  We have all been fighting colds, so the delay is extended. Remember, I have given up worrying.  It will get done eventually, but with Garden Girl, firewood gathering, and a little gardening, it has not been on the docket for this couple weeks of great weather. The fruit trees are pretty much pruned, the few things I have planted are up and growing slowly.  The yard is getting a makeover at one end, and I have done a scant amount of writing, so have to be pleased with my busy life for now.

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