Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Diary 6/19/12

Skunk.  That is what the Fish and Wildlife said.  You can see the padded foot in the middle towards the bottom.  It is a picture of the south end of a northbound skunk.  I think maybe he was going to spray the camera about the time that it went off with a flash again, thank goodness. Anyway, I had to add two more bricks under the inner door as the digger has given up on the outer one.  I am pretty sure it is a mama skunk just trying to save some time by shopping where she knows there are eggs.  I hope as soon as the young ones are old enough, she will give up and move on. If not, I will have a real Fort Know by then. Garden made some good strides growth wise this last few days.  90 degrees tomorrow, and that is sure to sprout the other seeds and really get some leaves on the new babies.  I have still been planting successions, but soon will hold off a bit as we get closer to time to plant fall garden.  Hard to think we are at the longest days and soon to start back down the other side.

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