Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Diary 9/18/11

Usually I like to be peaceful on Sundays; post a pretty picture of a flower or a poem or something. Today, I am still fuming from range cow issues.  I am still not understanding why one man's livelihood usurps mine.  I have spent the last two nights roving around at 3 and 1 in the mornings looking for and finding cows in my garden.  I am at fault as I have no fence, but I think there may be fault at the other end for the cow person.  There is no feed here, they are certainly not putting on weight from the corn, etc. they destroyed of mine, yet I can't call the guy because his voice mailbox is full.  He is not a neighbor, in fact his cell phone number is long distance and a northern California exchange.  There is no one locally I can contact to move the cows and so the saga continues.  We are contacting the county clerk in the morning, and I am demanding to see copies of the range rights including a map that proves I should not take this guy to court for property damages.  Sorry to rant and rage on a Sunday, but this blog acts as a journal and proof of my actions.  So far I have not hurt a cow, but emotions run wild when I am yelling at them or moving them out of my strawberry patch in the middle of the night. I am an omnivore, after all. My greatest fear is that they will barge through the greenhouse wall as they did last year on November 26th, eating our food for winter. Bear with me. 

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  1. Oh my goodness! I guess I've never thought of all the damage those free rangers do to people like you, living out in the woods, making your living off your land. Wow! What a problem. Although I don't like that they are causing you such pain (losing sleep is VERY painful), I do enjoy reading your rants :) Natoshua


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