Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Friday, May 9, 2014

Canning Asparagus

A flush of spears beyond what can be eaten fresh gave way to canning some for later. Asparagus, as a low acid vegetable, requires the use of the pressure cooker. Many people are frightened by the tool, but if used correctly, it isn't that scary. First, snap your spears so that they will fit in the jars. Slide into sterilized jars until tightly packed. I prefer cold pack, but you can steam them slightly so that they are limp. Use your steaming water to fill the jars or heat water to a boil to do so. Leave a space at the top of the jars so that they don't boil over when cooking. Add lids which have been sterilized by adding them to the jars at the end of heating. Do not boil the rubber seals on the lids. Make sure to put the top of the pressure cooker in the place indicated with an arrow and a slice in the bottom, sliding into place. Tighten the top down a little at a time around the circle until all are hand tight. Start heating with petcock flipped down(in open position) to let steam fill the top space. Stand petcock up and keep an eye on the

gauge. When pressure reaches close to desired mark, slow down heat source. This may take some adjustment up and down to hold pressure at desired mark. Cook for required time, in this case 40 minutes. I actually turn burner off at 35 because it stays at pressure for five more minutes at least. If you can carefully slide canner away from hot burner, it will cool more quickly. Once the pressure is back down to zero, you can open the petcock and then start loosening the lid.

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