Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Diary 12/6

Wreath Making 101.  The frame you use can be made out lots of different things.  They sell them at craft stores these days, but when I first made wreaths, I used to wind metal coat hangers together to make the frames.  The method I use came from Martha Stewart many moons ago.  I take the greens and pile them in my hand with a nice looking one on top, then tie up with a piece of jute.  Lay these on your frame, shingle style, over-lapping the ends with the next bunch to give you an idea how many bunches you are going to need. When you think you have made enough bunches, start a wire wrap by hooking the wire to your frame firmly so that you can pull against it.  Lay a bunch on the frame and wrap the ends three time around.  Then add another bunch covering and hiding the ends of the previous bunch, wrapping wire around it three times again.  Proceed around the wreath until you are at the final bunch, where the first bunch was placed.  It is a little tricky getting that last bunch in, and sometimes you have to tuck a couple more pieces of greens in to cover up the space.  Now, the fun part, decorating!

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