Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Diary 1/6/12

It is hard for me to blog in winter when there is so little going on.  I haven't even walked out to the garden in the last few days though there is still some greens, carrots, and beets out there.  I harvested onions the other day.  I had to dig them out from under row cover and frozen snow, but they were fine.  Well, the ones the big red bull didn't eat were fine.  I am still a little put out that I had to deal with a range cow so late in the season, but that is another subject. I have been working on my book, little by little, in between helping with taking care of Garden Girl.  She is learning letters and numbers and needs quite a bit of attention, and because the weather has been so cold, we have been working on those. Other projects are on hold for now, but she may be heading north in a couple weeks, so they will wait until then. Meanwhile, I have received several garden catalogs and though I will do less this year, I do need some new seeds, so want to get a first order in soon. I won't plant anything for another month or until we have at least 10 hours of light per day. More snow due in on Wednesday.  Hibernation feels good for now.

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