Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Diary 7/14/12

Night before last, as I was folding and putting away towels, I stepped on a scorpion at the threshold to our bathroom.  There are scorpions in our bathtub on occasion and I am not sure how they get there, but this one was making his way out.  Anyway, I was stung.  It felt similar to a yellow jacket wasp sting and became red and tingly with a sharper pain at the bite site.  I did what I do for bee stings; I found some plantain, a common lawn weed, chewed it up, and put it on the red dot for 15 minutes.  As I experienced no further symptoms, I Googled about it.  The report said temporarily paralysis and severe pain.   I had neither.  I also read that because I stepped on the scorpion before he could become combative, there was probably little venom in his stinger pouch.  Thank goodness.  I did feel some pain up my ankle and for a little while thought my throat was swelling, but by bedtime, I was fine.  My husband killed this particular scorpion as he had a head injury from my weight, but I often remove them to the woods as they eat ants and termites. Sadly, Garden Dog lost his partner, Friend Dog, today. We will miss his goofy goodness. RIP. Finally you can get all the squirrels you never could here.

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