Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Edible Fall Mushrooms in the Pacific Northwest

We have been sampling a variety of fungi over the last few days. Some are from the coast and others are from the forests at high elevation. The Chantrelles are more apt to be white under the Douglas fir trees at about 4000 feet elevation. These golden ones are under pines at the coast. They went on a pizza very deliciously. The Comb Tooth is from the fir forest and can be found on logs or certain rotting wood. We have found them on elderberry trees, but this one was out of a rotting log. I sauteed it in a light garlic butter until it was limp. The Hedgehogs are new to me. I believe they are a Bolete. Most of these when yellow pored are edible. They have spongy under parts rather than gills which make them easier to identify. It is best to have someone who knows show you which ones are which. In this case one of the visiting hunters is an avid mushroom forager, so I felt comfortable trying the new shrooms. I am making a beefy mushroom soup with them soon. I dried a few, but most of the leftover mushrooms were softly sauteed and frozen for later use.


Comb Tooth

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