Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Friday, October 4, 2013

Diary 10/4/13

Went for a walk in the freshly watered woods to see if by chance the mushrooms were up. The only ones I saw were the little guys that grow specifically in Douglas fir cones-amazing. The warm temperatures we will have the next few days will certainly make them pop up and then there will be the best prize of all, Chantrelles. They look like inverted umbrellas and their gills go all the way to the lip of the top. Easy to identify and oh so delicious. When you cook them they initially turn watery, but if you continue to cook them down they firm up and taste like popcorn to me. Their flesh stays together in stir fries, stroganoff, or stew which I can't say for lots of other mushrooms that tend to turn to mush when cooked. The white Chantrelles are choice, but the yellow ones we have here and equally appreciated. There are puff balls, too. They must be white when cut in half. The yellow or grey insides tell you they are not edible.  They have a flavor similar to Parmesan cheese. Always cook your fungi as they have some pretty strong microbial action that can cause havoc in the intestines. I will take pictures when they


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