Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Diary 2/14/12

Happy Valentine's Day to all!  I find with Garden Girl's return, I am less able to blog, partly because I am busier all day and partly because I fade quickly at night.  She has been better behaved, and we are having some potty success, so there is progress. It is cold and wet outside, but I want to get the Walla Walla onions started today even if nothing happens for a week or two.  Just getting a seed bed ready and them in the ground will be something.  Footnote to the Grammys: Whitney with her beautiful face and voice may be gone, but there are new voices and faces as Adele has proved. Planted a HoneyCrisp apple tree yesterday.  We have another to plant.  We have really enjoyed them from the market, so maybe in a few years, have our own.  Evidently they are crossed with yellow delicious which though good keepers and crunchy, border on too sweet at times. Hoping for a good start for these little trees which will inspire some maintenance on our old trees.

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