Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Bleak might be the other word I could use.  The daily freezing has everything on hold.  With no rain or snow, it is as if everything is hibernating and dormant, no life at all.  I know with a warm up and some moisture, things, even the littlest things, will show growth and the move toward Spring will begin.  For now, it is all cold and frozen out there in the shade and only slightly thawed daily where the sun hits the soil, only to freeze again by nightfall. The weather is predicted to change during the weekend and even beyond, switching us out of this high pressure event that had been going on for weeks.  If so, there may be a bit of snow here and hopefully some for the ski resorts that have not opened this year due to lack of snow!  The late rains of last Spring kept the onions from finishing in time for winter. The picture shows all that were now harvested because they did not bulb.  Will it repeat this year with late rains to make up for low water year?  I think I will plant them in a sunnier place this year anyway.

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