Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Diary 12/18/14

Poem time. For those of you who don't care about my poetry, this is your chance to bow out~ Ha-ha. This poem won second place. Better than fourth, but still not the winner...The prompt was the seven deadly sins, and I chose wrath. This is not a free verse, but has a abcb rhyming scheme where the second and fourth lines rhyme. I seem to be attracted to this pattern. Hope you like it~

The Meeting

We met in the dark of the forest,
The dairyman’s son and I.
We spoke our words in whispers,
And watched the evening sky.

Our fear caused us to listen.
We knew we were in danger.
We only had these moments
Away from my father’s anger.

We held our hands together,
Though woolen gloves we wore,
Too cold to touch each other,
Our devotion there we swore.

We stood as still as snowfall,
Then our warm lips met in rapture.
Our hearts were joined forever.
I shirked my fear of capture.

If I were caught, I’d be sent away,
For to marry my intended,
We promised we would meet again,
And for just a moment pretended.

That I was not born to riches,
And he, less common stock.
How we’d meet in a warmer sun,
And where we’d take a walk.

Then my father’s call came through the trees,
And the baying of the dogs.
We ran until we were breathless,
And hid among the logs.

But my father found us quickly.
I was frightened by his wrath.
They tied the boy and beat him.
They pummeled him to death.

I was married to my intended,
But I’ll remember ‘til I die,
The meeting in the dark woods,
Of the dairyman’s son and I.

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