Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Garden Dog went out last night at 2:20 for a potty break. This is part of my disrupted sleeping problem...Anyway, it was 25.4 degrees. I waited up for him for a little while and then after 20 minutes, I went to bed to wait. This happens sometimes, but usually on a warmer night. He makes his rounds looking for any skunks, raccoons, deer, or? he can chase off. There was no barking last night. I fell asleep and at 4:45, I heard his knock at the door. He was shivering and disorientated a bit. I hugged him and rubbed him a bit until he shook off the last of his chill, and then I went to bed. He came in my room and just stood there even after I told him to "go lie down!"
Garden Dog last Spring eating some grass...
lie down!" So eventually, I brought his bed in next to mine and he finally went to it, but not immediately. Not sure if he fell down which he has been doing more and more, or if something else was going on out there, or he found a tasty snack somewhere. Hoping I don't have to start escorting him each night, but maybe be more proactive about the pre-bed pottying for all our sakes. It is now 19.8 and the sun is just coming over the ridge to warm us all up.

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