Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Monday, February 9, 2015

Diary 2/9/15

Garden Girl found my camera. It was soaked. I could remember putting it on a wood surface, but that was all. Well, it was on the corner of a wooden flower box. Drying it out and we will see if it takes pictures at all or if they are masked with droplets of precipitation inside the lens. The big storm missed us yesterday. I guess the mountains form a rain shadow on this side. I know they do on the east side.
Now wind is in the weather story, and it is breezy out here, but again, not so bad yet. Our friends have trees down all over in their yard, but they are on a hill just outside of Ashland. Wind is often bad on that southern entrance into the Rogue Valley. What is not occurring is cold temperatures. They did get some snow at 6000 feet yesterday, but it will be in the 60's by the end of this sunny week.

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