Evening glow in the greenhouse

Evening glow in the greenhouse
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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Diary 2/5/15

Still no camera. If it is sitting outside somewhere it is a gonner because we have had 2.5 inches of rain over the last few days. I headed out to the garden to look around some more yesterday, but when I arrived I heard the well working hard, so shut it off, walked a circle to check for broken faucets. I found none, so I went to get the "well expert". We found the valves to our storage tanks for a gravity flow system were all open and the tanks were overflowing, so shut the valves and went back to turn on well. That did the trick, so glad it wasn't something more complicated. All that and then forgot to look for camera...We have an older camera that actually takes really good pictures, but it is not a point and shoot kind; bulky with aview finder, etc. So, as time goes by I may start using it. Otherwise, I will purchase a new camera and then my old one is sure to show up! It is raining hard right now and supposed to continue through the weekend, slowly washing all the snow pack that was scant anyway off the mountain tops. The weather remains war and the snow levels above the ski resorts for the most part. Kinda scary for summer moisture. Picture in honor of snow that we don't have~

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